Spring finery !

Spring finery !

Ah ha !  So, you dress your dogs up the reader says !  Nope, sorry, but this was my friend’s dog.  She is a Chinese Crested Hairless dog.  She also had three legs.  My friend had this tiny dog until the opportunity came to place her in a one on one home.  Yes, she went with her wardrobe.  Very darling. 

The closest I have come to dressing anything four legged up was to put a sweater on a goat with recurring pneumonia.  She did so well wearing it,  it became part of her persona.  Bebe was the sweater goat.  Oh yeah, I did have a goat named Sweater too…….but some idiot stole him the week we moved up here.  Always wonder about  why someone would do that……my mind goes to dark places (and kitchens) when I think about where he ended up.  I wish he became a beloved pet………..can always hope.  He was silver gray with a white cape or shrug marking on his shoulders.  So, instead of calling him Shrug or Cape, I opted for some reason to call him Sweater Goat.  Oh well.  We rescued many goats and sheep…….and horses…..and cats…….and dogs……and chickens………and turkeys…….through the years.    However, we are no longer taking in critters.  We ran out of names long ago……..which is how we came to have goats named “Bip”  or “Sweater”  or “Mysterious” .  The list is longer than my arm.

When I find a good photo of  our Anatolian Shepherd x Catahoula cross dwarf dog  “Sausage” I will post it.  By the way, she came pre-named  🙂  plus she lives with my friend, the queen of dog dress up………so Sausage will likely be wearing something trendy, and most likely pink 🙂

Weird weather today, black clouds hanging over the peaks. Where is spring ?