Sausage and the cat

Sausage playing kindly with the cat

My friend has Sausage at her house……..this started the winter we had 4 1/2 feet of snow that just would not leave………for something like 7 weeks.  At that point,  Sausage did NOT want to live in the house.  Made life really difficult and LOUD.  So, she lived outside in her dogloo with her heating mat and I cleared her yard every day.  Not a big yard.  Not a big dog though.  One day,  I had had enough for her.  I just hated her being outside with the snow.  My friend had a dwarf dog at one time and she would always come by and give Sausage treats.  It got so that if my friend even drove by and honked,  Sausage would start to howl…….and sing……..and howl.  So, one day in the bleak white constant snow,  my friend stopped and I asked Sausage if she was ready to go home with her…….my friend was flabbergasted.  She loved this little dog, but never thought I would send her over.  We  got Sausage when she was 6 months old.  She did not think that people were worth much……..she had been raised as a livestock guardian dog with her brother.  Sausage was my husband’s dog.  He worked for a long time gaining her trust.  Then he inconvienently got very ill and subsequently passed away  almost two years later.  She knew he was gone, that night, after they came for his body,  she followed the scent of the gurney’s wheels.   She stopped at the gate and let out the most bloodcurdling howling that went on and on.  Never looked for Michael after that, she knew his long illness had taken him finally.   Sausage is  a dwarf.  She has a normal sized Anatolian shepherd head on a tiny body…….the whole dog might weigh 15 pounds.  For a breed who is normally 120 lbs or more………well, an oddity.  Now she lives in the house in the winter at my friends.  She wears the most current fashions and even has been known to sport pink toenail polish.  My husband  would be aghast.  I find it funny though.  Sausage just enjoys the life she leads now.  Her size does not daunt her – we have always said she would really do some damage to a person if only they would lie down so Sausage could get her mouth on them VBG.  She is 6 years old now, she was born on Halloween.  Must have been a joke somewhere there……..but she is a wonderful dog.   The cat she is pictured above with has a condition known as ankleosis, or no joints in her hind limbs.  She can tip toe around, or will walk on her front feet and carry her hind end.  We seem to collect oddities between us here and my friend.

I am fostering another cat and his sibling, both born with extra toes.  The smaller one has really different hind legs and feet.  Longer, flatter.  I think he has an extra leg bone and has almost double feet on each side.  Something like 6 or 8 pads on each foot.  Disabled pets abound.  They deserve a good life,  I am helping my friend by caring for these two .  She will be ready for them soon.  I will try and get some photos of the kittens feet if I can.

Long day, ready to head to bed.  Have a nice evening all !