Red tulips - 2007

Red tulips - 2007

Now here is what we are thinking we will soon see…….these tulips were here when we moved in in 2002.   Pretty things.  There are also some dusty lavendar ones.  They must be quite old, and I am always glad when they reappear.  We have some little daffodils here somewhere too.  I was glad to find these photos…… know, it seemed (at the time at least) that using a normal 35 mm camera that you took the film in for processing and got back prints and negatives……….well it was always hard to find an individual shot.  Unless you were REALLY good about labeling the film envelopes.  Or heaven forbid FILED them in any sort of an order.  Well, I have decided that it was much easier back then.  To find a specific photo in the list of digital photos is a pain in the a$$ if you know what I mean.  That I have somewhere around 5500 photos archived here……well, they are not individually named.  If they were, no problem !  But alas, they aren’t.  So,  since I don’t have an intern either it is just more time to search and hunt and hopefully find the photo that I wanted to post. Hmph.

Zipped to the post office, and there were two things there I wanted to find… new audiobook I won from Susan’s blog giveaway…..FIRESIDE on cd.  Yeah !  Thank you Susan !  Plus a magnifier/bookmark.  Very nice – I am happy !  

Also,  an aquaintence was selling down on her craft booklets,  and I saw her auctions up as they were ending……..and saw two books that would have been nice to have.  “Learn to Knit in one day” or some such title, and “Crochet Placemats”  with different patterns.  I emailed her to ask if she was going to put them up again,  and she offered to send them to me if I would pay the postage.  So, I did and so, for $ 2.02 we have two nice booklets.  Mom has been doing knitting and crochet projects, and I want to start (when I have time VBG) and these look good to start with.

Off to fix lunch and need to spend time sorting ideas and stories.  Thinking of entering a couple of writing contests. 

Have a nice day all !!!!!!!!!