I do NOT want to see this again.....

I do NOT want to see this again.....

You know, those oil fueled things that keep citrus growers from losing their crops in a cold snap ?  Like person sized oil heaters…….  Well, do they make those things for lilac trees ?  Indeed, another “OMG the lilacs rant. ”   It poured last night.  Then the lovely winds came.  Power went out.  Restored after a few hours (thank you !) and there was a light dusting of snow outside when I first got up.  Now,  sitting here with my coffee…….first there were huge flakes drifting down,   now small constant flakes and joy of joys – they are sticking !  Ah, now as I was searching……..and searching for a photo of the  snowed on truck –  the flakes, while continuing to fall,  are not seriously snowing.  It has gotten considerably brighter in the last 10 minutes and so the clouds must not mean business.  Good thing.

That photo btw was from a couple of years ago.  when I used to park in front.  Now I park in back, hard to see from the street.   Yeah.  This way no one knows if I am home,  and with 7 acres to look for me on,   it is too much trouble to try and find out 🙂 Ha ha !

Oh, I liked the  map on Susan’s site, so I went to it’s site  and figured out how to add it to my blog (thanks Susan !)………maybe it will give me a tiny clue of where people are who are reading this blog VBG !

Hope spring is in your part of the world today !