When we are born, we are “given” a name. Throughout life,  some change their last name due to marriage.  Some don’t.  Some change their first names due to whatever their heart believes is “right”……however, when naming things like blogs,  or website domains,  therin lies the rub so to speak. 

Usually I do a fair bit if research when naming a domain.  It is quite easy to do……. You can check available domain names at WhoIs.  You can  Google your phrase…….usually like I said, I am good at that.  This time,  my blog,  which I named Under The Lilac Trees,  was fine.  Not much out there.  However, the lilacacres that is the wordpress designation for the domain…….there are a number of things that come up.  Which I didn’t figure out until after the fact.  Oh well.

Twitter is a new “fad”.  I checked it out from a link an actress I know sent to her Twitter page.  Kind of fun.  Very amusing to see that when she signed up a couple of weeks ago, there were perhaps 100 people “following” her.  Now there are over 1200 !!!!!!!!  I think that Twitter is mostly for people who can’t go a step without their wireless devices ……most people I think get the updates or Tweets on their mobile phones or blackberries.  I opted to sign up on the web.  I read an article that David Gregory,  the news anchor that is now hosting Meet the Press has a Twitter account.  So,  I am following him,  and I  get a message that goes to half the world when he texts it out.  Fine.  When looking at his home page on Twitter,  it links to his website.  So, being me, I go look.  But hey !…….his blog is called “The View From Here”   Now wait a minute.  That is my friend Susan’s blog name too…….then I Googled that phrase, and there are many of “The View From Here”.  Oh.

So, I guess a name is yours if you are using it and it isn’t rejected by wordpress or twitter or some such entity.  What is really “ours” apparently isn’t,  at least out there in the electronic land known as the Internet. 

Creativity is limitless – so we just have to take our chances and use what we like I think.   Too much to ponder on a weird weather day.  Sunshine,  dark clouds coming down the mountains,  lots of wind (eeeekkkk!!!) and random raindrops.  Might snow tonight.  Oh well !  Second day of spring and everything is still confused.