A few of the chickens I have now are relatives to each other.  The tiny chickens,  their breed is called Serema.   I once had a chicken who was unclear on the point she was a chicken (common to our chickens actually) named Pretty,  but she never had chicks…. While she has passed on,  her sister is still with us.  She is a tiny brown bomb of a chicken.  BUSY does not adequately describe her actions or personality.  Last year I think it was,  she was busily looking for bugs or whatever as chickens do.  I had moved a lot of things in preparation for a run to the dump.  Well,  when I was walking past with the ladies in tow,  this chicken pecked at a string of a tarp.  If you know anything about those ugly blue tarps,  well they are certainly biodegradable.  They fall apart here quickly.  There was part of an old one on a box, with it’s stringy material hanging down onto the ground.  Well, Brownest was scratching and pecking, and all of a sudden went up in the air and twirled around……..I was right there and grabbed her.  She had managed to get that plastic string caught on her tongue, and it was so tight it was like it was tied !!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG !!!!!!!  Thankfully my son was outside,  and while he really has never been interested in animals like I am,  he asked what to do.  I finally broke off the string but it was still tied like a tourniquet on her poor tongue…….I had him hold her down and talk to her softly while I ran for…….something……….I  found a new scalpel and after much sweating and nervous work,  got the thing off her tongue.  There was no blood supply to her tongue, we literally had to get that thing off NOW or she would have at least lost her tongue if hot her life eventually……..It had cut her tongue, and so I put her in an isolation cage with medicated water, not knowing if she would be able to eat.  Her tongue  seemed like it had no ability to move at all………I didn’t like the prognosis at all.  Oh, our local vets (60 mile radius at least) don’t do chickens.  Or horses.  Or goats.  So, in the time here I have learned to to a lot of different things to patch up critters.  Had to !    Thankfully her tongue healed and she is back to being the BUSY chicken.  Yes that is her name, the Brownest Chicken in the World………Brownest for short.  And yes, she knows her name !

Pretty day so far,  snow forecast for  tomorrow.  We shall see !

Enjoy your Saturday !