It seems I can’t  go anywhere or talk to anyone without hearing about someone who is looking to unload a horse for one reason or another.  Most of it is due to either job loss, injury or stupid backyard breeders.   Tonight I get a call from a local person,  who was given my name to help find a home for this mare.   Oh goodie.  Let’s see.  Most of my favorite pet peeves, all in one conversation !

The mare is 19 years old.  (They are usually older horses, not a surprise there).  A large percentage of old horses get tossed aside because they have outlived the families need for them.  So sad !

The mare was bred last AUGUST……checked in foal at 90 days.  Why someone would breed a mare in August is beyond me.  Oh well.

The mare is not an easy keeper and they don’t know if she is still in foal.  (This means that after the weird winter we have had,  the mare likely has not had enough groceries and perhaps slipped (spontaneously aborted) the foal and of course no one noticed anything.

Oh yes, the mare is blind in one eye.

No, she has never been broke to ride.

Oh yes, if she is not in foal, she “still has a couple of good years left in her for breeding”.  WHY ON EARTH WOULD SOMEONE BREED MORE ????? OMG OMG.  

I feel bad for the mare,  she is likely skinny, and if she is in foal – good heavens,  it is so hard to get weight back on the old horses much less if they are in foal. 

Our family member horse Lady Rusty is 21 this year.  I got her mom at the Hollywood Park mixed sale in January of 1988 – the other bidder on her mom was the kill buyer.  Lady Jennifer foaled three weeks later,  and my son calls this mare his “sister” as she has been in the family longer than he has been in it 🙂  I was never in the business to breed and chose not to breed the Rust.  Now I do wish I had a foal from her, and now she is just too old to chance breeding her for the first time.  It is fine,  there are so many horses without homes that are going to bad ends,  I never felt the need to add to it from my stock.

The mare is in our little town,  and I have no idea who will take her except for the local livestock buyer, who will go pick her up, take her to the Fallon auction, she will go in the kill pen and go to Mexico to the slaughterhouse for export to foreign dinnerplates.  ICK !

We shall see……I am also looking for a home for two yearling horses and two two year old mules.  Yikes.