A dream.....a lot on Beach Drive in Port Orchard WA **sighs**

A dream.....a lot on Beach Drive in Port Orchard WA **sighs**

What we do with each day really adds up to the sum of our collective lifetime achievements.  Now considering that I have been feeling crummy for the last week or so, that does not say much for me.  I am keeping on my writing,  but only have written 5000 words a day for a couple of those days.   Hmm.

What did we do for others this day ?  I try and help my mom and son every day.  If I encounter a situation that I can help someone, I will do it.  Once I gifted a friend an airline ticket.   Once I gifted a couple a refrigerator.  I have given gift cards,  paid medical bills for some.  Money never meant anything to me aside from what I could do for someone after I had paid my bills.  Even now,  I don’t regret any money spent helping – it was the best decision then and still is.  When my husband was so sick for so long,  to say I was worn thin would be an understatement.  One of the kindest things someone had ever done for me was the family that lives on the large property behind us brought me a basket with dinner and some teas and sweet treats in it.  I had just returned from the hospital alone once again, and I was starving.  It was perfect.  If someone calls me in the night,  needing help, I am there.  There are few things that could keep me from helping someone who asks for my assistance.  It has never been something that I could understand if someone can help,  why would they choose not to ?  Because it would be inconvenient ?  Would it take them out of their comfort zone ?  The term “turning a blind eye” just galls me.  I have helped people who are hurt,  been there when family and strangers have died.  It is a blessing to be there for someone,  even knowing we all die alone – I still think it is worth the energy to be there.  The public nowadays views death so oddly.  If a person is sick, ZIP they go to the hospital.  Few people get many visitors.  Where are their families ?  If they are terminal,  many people choose to put their family member in a care facility and walk away.  I was congratulated so many times that I had not left my husband when he was so sick…….people DO leave !    I just don’t get it.  Death is part of life and they say grief if the price we pay for loving.  I tend to agree,  and there is no way I could be myself any differently than I am today.

Obviously a day of reflection for me.  I think I will go take a nap and let the cough medicine do it’s job.

Enjoy the day !