Is it another person being able to read what is really going on in your head with just a glance ? Or are no words required ?   Or, perhaps how your voice sounds to them ?  I have a friend who is wired just like I am – and when she is thinking and I can see her going in a certain direction,  I can call her on it.   It usually involves doing something that we already know we should not contemplate or perhaps we should………we also are good at encouraging each other to  take steps to change when we are wobbling about out there on the edge of actually DOING something different…..and a well placed verbal shove is all it takes for us to take the plunge.   If someone else were to even brooch the subject either one of us would just shut down on that person.   Been there,  done that.  I think we are just weird :)………. in our own way of course.

I know it is the human interaction that makes us more human or perhaps keeps us that way.  Personally,  I love email.  I don’t really like the  telephone,  and I have to REALLY like a person to see them in person.  I don’t like being out with people – but I know that there are trade offs……like contemplating the writer’s seminar in April.  There are so many reasons to just GO!   Now if I could sell my mustang I would be able to make arrangements.  Happily it would also allow me to meet face to face with several writing friends.  Weird ?  For me, normal.  Even when I had the opportunity to stay on a horse ranch in Solvang I was 16 or so,  I can recall being so happy that the only people I saw were the couple I was staying with……then I saw the mail carrier’s truck go by.  Yeah !  Only saw 3 people that day !  I am still that way.  I lived in the city for far too long,  and while I have never missed it for a second – I find that when we do go into a larger city,  I have never lost the “edge” or whatever comes of fending for ones self in that concrete jungle. 

Things will work out as the plan will allow, right ?

Hug your family near,  and be glad to be alive.  I am !