Our creek with snow melt

Our creek with snow melt

Looking through photos searching for my red tulip shots……..still can’t find them.  We have had runoff a couple of times……..I will have to take a photo of the peak that rises a few miles from here.  We are flat landers.  In the desert.  Across the highway,  the grade rises quickly.  There are pine trees and this huge peak……..there is a lookout up there, but I have never felt inclined to drive up in the summer even- yes it is closed until the snow clears.  Actually driving UP is fine.  It is what it does to my truck’s brakes on the way DOWN that I object to.  Pretty yes,  but we have been cold so much of the time this winter,  I am more than ready for it to melt off.   They have declared a drought in California again.  We are lucky,  our wells are on a shallow aquifer.  There are people who have had their wells run dry,  or can’t find water at 500′.  Ours draws at something like 50′ .   Good clean very cold water.  I am always appreciative of that.

The photo above intrigued me…..fools gold in the sand.  Very pretty.

Kind of hazy here today,  I am hoping for no more precipitation until after Tuesday.   I set up a hay delivery, and I need it IN the barn, not  on the adjacent road 🙂

Enjoy your day !