The human cat :)

My "Little Girl"..........The human cat 🙂

I have mentioned Kona, the wild cat.   The other cat who was dumped here a year ago last October,  was a male,  whom I named Hawaii.  He was my cat of a lifetime.  I had already been getting him used to being inside……I loved him dearly.  He was my “Hawaiian Cat” and he would follow me everywhere outside doing chores.  I had gotten  him fairly tame, and had just gotten  appointments set for spay and neuter for them when he disappeared.  I looked for him for months.  He would never have left on his own,  I never found a trace.   As nature would have it,  Kona was pregnant, and knowing they were Hawaiis,  well, we  had four kittens.  Now,  a wild cat who has use of three legs and an injured back and back leg -well,  I was sweating it.  I didn’t know if she could deliver them ok,  and I was terrified that she would get under the house anyways and then have a problem and I could never get to her to help.   I mean geez, those babies were my Hawaii’s kittens !!!!!!!!!  My fears were not needed,  she chose a centralized place and had them.  I knew there were there,  and she would come out and eat frequently.  One day I felt eyes looking at me,  the kittens would be about 2 1/2 weeks old then……….and there was a tiny white kitten sitting up like a big cat,  watching me.  I talked to the boxes they were hiding in all the time so of course they knew my voice.  One day,  while watching out the kitchen window,  I saw Kona  trying to corral the chocolate colored kitten.  She was obviously exhausted.  I had been ready to snatch them up and bottle feed them since the start because I just didn’t know how well this would work for her….. and now  it was time to swoop in and gather them up.  There were indeed four of them.  One little white one, the one who was watching me…….whom is named Little Girl (aka Squirrel)  one big white boy kitten I named  Koa (means brave in Hawaiian)  a tiny black girl who is Obsidian (the volcanic black glass)  and one boy chocolate colored cat.  Who is of course named  The Chocolate Cat.    I hand raised them,  and they are the best behaved kittens I have ever been around.  Kona never looked for them and looked terrifically relieved…….They are almost a year old now,  and my Little Girl,  she thinks she can speak English.  She will sit up like a squirrel,  look right at me and start chattering/meowing at me.   She is so funny.  Obsidian is my son’s cat and she is like he is – in cat form.  Or maybe he is a cat in people form ?  They compliment each other very well.  Chocolate and Koa are my great big cats,  good for hugging, petting and generally being silly cute cats.   I look forward to moving into the house with the hard wood floors one day………and being able to just sweep cat hair away !  Of course thinking of the cats playing and sliding is great to imagine as well……….

Take care out there,  the deer are on the move !!!!!!!!!  (and no, I didn’t mean the ones in the next post……..the mule deer are abundant now, and they are EVERYWHERE ! )