In my inquisitive nature,  I seem to find odd and interesting things on a daily basis.  However,  there are times that something hits too close to home for me.   This was true when I heard about Bob Skelding and his cross country journey.  He hand built an RV on wheels that his four horse draft team pulled something like 1747 miles on our nations highways……..before the unthinkable happened.   He and the rig were hit from behind by a gasoline tanker “leap frogging” past him, and one behind the other didn’t move over fast enough…… be hit going a reported 70 mph is a terror I think about often – living here on this road.  I found out the day after it did……..and while there were some reports that he was ok,  it was not until he began posting on his blog (and is RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL !!! )  that I remembered that I should post about his blog here .  Here is his web site.   His blog is found by clicking the upper left corner “Wheres Bob” is highlighted.   While he, his old poodle and two of the horses survived,  two died upon impact and are buried on a kind person’s property nearby.   The fellow had visited with Bob and the team in the days before the accident.   Bob intends to build another RV and continue on his way.   Most amazing man with a journey few would be brave enough to start, much less RE start !  Here’s to you Bob,  get well soon !