My son tells me that there are search engine bots that check it out for terms, so that is part of it.    I know of only a few people who I remembered to send  the link to, and I am finding it amusing to see the hits go up and up.  Apparently easily amused today.  I am glad if people like it enough to  send iton to others –  I think I read 7 blogs  as a daily thing myself. 

I started this to see if I could remain constant and keep it updated with current “stuff”.   So far so good, except for lamenting about the never ending winter and the plight of the lilac trees 🙂

It has helped keep my eye on what it is I am doing, which is continue to write one of my books  (at least more than the first two or three chapters).  I am happy with the progress I am making,  and that is good. 

Today is a town day,  have some supplies to pick up and an appointment for mom.

Hope you all enjoy your day and stay warm !