After dinner with mom tonight,  the walk home was like being on another planet…….so clear the stars so sharp it almost hurts to look at them.  The owls are hooting to each other, and those poor killdeer are chattering with each other over near the lake.   I know they wonder what on earth they were thinking getting into this area when it is so OBVIOUSLY winter still………it truly looked like spring was here,  now who knows ?   Poor birds. 

When it is so  quiet here, it is hard to reconcile my brain to the bad things that continue to happen in the horse rescue world….My friend in Southern California went to the local auction today, to see if there were any Thoroughbred horses dumped there to sell.   Last month,  she had a stellar time – was able to identify all 7 horses, was able to buy them all,  and actually was able to return two of them to their breeders for permanent retirement.   The others went to good homes.   A great day of “saves”.   Today, well today was not so good.   Her partner  was there bidding against the kill buyers (there were two present, usually only one is there) and someone from the Mexican rodeo.   Nothing good would happen for the Thoroughbreds there – she had planned to buy 4 for people who donated money to save them……….and as things do happen at auctions,  the auctioneer  and the kill buyers were running up the prices knowing that a rescue was bidding.   A $100 horse sold for $ 400.  Then a horse that had been identified  and home lined up for him,  well the auctioneer IGNORED Jackie’s bidding…….and gleefully sold the horse to the kill buyer.  Now what on earth would possess supposedly intelligent people to be so pointedly cruel ???  What on earth would it possibly have hurt to have the horse saved ?   Being asshats about bidding up the price  is one thing, but to make sure the horse loses it’s chance at a good  life ???  The limitless amount of idiocy never fails to amaze me……..and to have helpless  horses lose on that level is just beyond me.   I am still waiting to hear how many she was able to buy.   The horse industry is at an all time low and it just keeps getting worse.   People are losing their homes, their jobs and they leave their animals behind.  In shelters,  tied to the front porch,  or even locked inside of foreclosed homes,  hoping that the Realtors will help them.   Horses are left behind with no feed or water……. I am offered horses several times a week –  and it is just heartbreaking.   I help those I can by referring them to rescues or trainers……..try to track down the breeders and hope they do the right thing and offer the horse a retirement home.   It’s not good out there.   It is difficult to see the things happen…..oh, I just heard from my friend,  I know she was able to save four Thoroughbreds.    I learned long ago that auctions are not a good place for me.   The last horse I think I bought at an auction was five dollars.  Yes, $ 5.   He had one eye and he was the best calmest horse.  Starved but had his feet trimmed and his mane tidied up.  The Mexicans laughed at this horse.   The kill buyers looked at the auctioneer and laughed.  They started trying to sell him for $100, then $50 then $10…..then $5.  I could NOT STAND THE LAUGHING any longer.  This old horse deserved so much better than he was receiving that day.  I decided to take him home and give him the retirement he should have.   I stood up and said I would pay $5 for the lovely old horse but would need to find a ride for him.  The lady next to me had even recognized the old boy as he came into the ring……he was a champion barrel horse for several different kids – then dumped at the livestock auction.  She pulled on my sleeve and said “honey, just give me your address, I will be proud to bring him home to you”.   His name was Captain,  and he moved here with us……..passed away the first winter we were here.   He was a lovely old horse and I will always be glad that that was how the day ended for us, with Captain coming home with me.  There are just times I have had to stand up for something and do what is right in my heart.   That is how I am,  and now I am going to take my NyQuil and get to bed.