From one side of our place, through a huge pasture and one paddock……..the melting snow problem.  Ah yes.  This has only happened a couple of times while we have lived here…in almost 7 years that is.  All the snow is melting.   All at once or at least 3/4  of it melted yesterday.   There began a stream from the paddock that the wild horse is in,  through my back pasture,  and pooled up in the pen where my ponies (were) living.  I have since switched horses around so no one is in standing water now.  Ick.  The water was perhaps 8 inches deep in that paddock’s   corner.  I had opted not to trench over the driveway to drain it yesterday,  and just see what it did.   Well duh.  What it did was erode the corner of the paddock,  and is merrily going down the driveway.   What a mess.   Our driveway on mom’s side is rolled  packed sandy soil with some gravel in it.   Will be interesting.  For some reason her sheep is yakking at me now,  perhaps she smells the coffee from my house.  Either way,  Buttercup wants breakfast now.  Oh well.  Coffee first,  then I will get the camera and feed the critters.

Pretty icy outside,  hope your corner of the world is nice today!   Brilliant blue sky and bright outside now. 

Later !