and I know the lilacs are thinking about getting busy.  One horse here is shedding her winter coat off…… big dog is doing the same.  Absolutely nothing is normal.   I just checked the weather report and there is wind supposedly coming again.   I have decided I will take anything but wind.   While the tall scraggly trees and scary looking branches make a perfect visual setting for the owls,  after the assault on the house some time ago by a branch in that horrible wind,  well, I would be happy to not have it here at all.  When we first moved here,  the winds came.   I was trying to comfort my son,  in his bedroom at the front of the house – and we heard a noise.


It made my hair stand on end.   I couldn’t breathe  and I knew we were toast.  My son who was about 10 then,  about choked me with his arms around my neck, trying to be safe…… sounded like a flippn’ TRAIN coming right at us.   From that night on,  he calls the winds the “freight train winds”  and he isn’t off the mark there.   I will not miss  this aspect of living here on the high desert, not one bit.  

I suppose the horse’s winter hair and the dog’s as well will end up in Canada tonight.   If the lilacs had budded yet the buds would go too !   If something blows loose,  you don’t find it somewhere else,  it is never found.  Ever !   The fellow across the street had an 8 foot standard camper shell he took off his truck.  It was behind his house, on the ground next to his deck and pushed up against his house.   The night after the winds,  he went outside,  and it was gone.  Just totally gone.   The neighbors who have hundreds of acres behind him found some of his recipts and car washing bucket about a mile from here.  He never found the camper shell !!!!  Not a piece of it.  Poof, gone.   I hesitate in going outside when it is blowing like that,  now besides the trees attacking,  I do fear being hit with something large.  So, once again,  will lock the animals inside their barns, coops and houses and hunker down.  We usually lose power too,  which makes for a rather cranky 17 year old in the house as well.

Direct hit from the wind

Direct hit from the wind

 The photo above is what happened to a double pane window when hit with a  branch 25 feet long and as big around as my waist.  No more wind please !

Hope everyone is staying dry and warm today.  Enjoy !