We have had weather roll in, and past all day. The clouds are spectacular, and I have seen several double rainbows.   I am sad today,  I lost one of my favorite tiny Serema chicken hens……..she was more like a cat than a chicken.  She was tiny, and could find a little space and squeeze herself out of the coop or run.  I would hear her coming and she would follow me all over watching me feed the goats or horses.  Once I get to feeding the chickens then and only then would she decide she could go home.  Well,  the inside of the coop has several straw bales in it.  They line the wall facing the way that most of the wind comes from.  It has worked well.  Until the rain came, the ground softened and the disabled Nigerian dwarf goat next door pushed the panel on the outside in perhaps an inch or so.  My poor chicken got in the little space and could not turn around.  She didn’t come out yesterday morning, and when I opened the coop, she wasn’t there it seemed.  After pulling three bales out of the way, I found her huddled on the damp ground.  She got into the space and could not go through as the panel moved – and she could not back up.  These chickens do little more than peep usually,  and we had that horrid storm.  I never heard her………and while it was unusual for her to get out twice in one day,  she had done it before.  She took her usual route, but never made it out.   To compound things, the coop light I keep on for heat was off that night due to the power failure,  so she had no luck at all.  I scooped her up and got her cozy in a box near the woodstove.  I had high hopes for her recovery, she ate some and drank – tucked her head under her wing to sleep.  Sadly she died in the early hours this morning, she was gone at 3 am.

I wonder why the special ones, who leave such imprints on our hearts are not here for long ?   I called her “Tiny Chicken” and she knew her name, she would come running when I called her.  Once again, after the fact,  I realize I  did not take a photo of her,  I am going to have to make a sweep of the farm once again and take current photographs. 

Current photos of family and pets – gotta work on that !