It was a dark and stormy night.

Oh, yeah, someone else already used that line ………heehee

Last night, while I was brilliantly typing a missive to a friend,  the power goes out.  Poof.  One second you are looking for spellcheck, the you are sitting in absolute silent darkness.  The only sound I hear is myself saying something uncomplimentary……..goes without saying that I lost the whole thing I had written of course.  Oh well.  My son made it his business to use the wind up battery lantern with radio.  Fine, except that the wind up gear on this thing sounds something like hamsters on speed……..squeaking quickly at first, then ebbing to a slow squeak as his arm got tired………so I gave up and got tucked into bed.  Which was nice, as I would drift off,  until I would be  startled awake from either the gale force winds,  or the sound of the wind up hampster lantern.  Agh.  I have no idea how many times he called our power company,  but I finally fell deeply asleep.  I didn’t even hear my answering machine call out “PRESS MEMO KEY TO RECEIVE SETUP INSTRUCTIONS !!!” when the power was restored.

I woke up about a quarter to three and the power was back.   What a night.  These winds were the sort that broke a branch off the old trees and hit the house and front window with an almost direct hit a while ago.  I kept waiting for that to happen again too.  Lost a few small branches, but ok so far.  I told my son that the poor owl’s must have their seatbelts fastened up in that nest………and this morning,  the first thing I heard was the now familier “hoot hoot” of the owls.  Good.  I am getting used to having them here now. 

So,  I wake up, sit up and on the edge of my bed.  I am happy that the power is on……..then I hear the  most dreaded sound – the kind that makes my heart stop, and my blood run cold.  Hoofbeats on the pavement of the county road, traveling fast.  Traveling past.  NONONONONONO!!!!!!!  My worst fear.  My horses are calling, and I jump into my boots, grab my gloves, coat and phone and run out the door,  asking please don’t let it be one of mine on top of it being loose on the road !   Before I go more than a step or two,  I  can see my miniature horse mares looking towards moms house……and the long driveway.  Yep, theres a very agitated horse there, looking into the yard.  It is not mine.   Thankfully there was a fellow who saw her on the road, and stopped,  and he stayed long enough to make sure I got the gate open and the mare inside.   I got her calmed down a bit,  and called my mom on the phone to let her know that we had company (it is 6:30 am at this point) the horse and I were in her yard now and that I needed a telephone book please.  I of course woke her up,  we are usually up then, but what a weird loud night we had.  After I had called three places,  two police agencies and a neighbor,  here down the street came a four wheeler……..with our neighbor from the large property behind us.   It was their mare.  Now mind, the other time their horses got out,   it was five horses and it was 2 am.  This was a bit better.  I am going to talk to them about a fail safe way to keep those horses in………the results of horse vs automobile are tragic, devestating and horrendous.  I have seen it near a boarding stable many years ago, and I NEVER want to revisit that. 

I truly hope that everyone is safe, warm and in good order today.