It had been so long since we really had any real rain,  it was almost a shock when it finally let go and drenched us.   One of the horses I moved was YELLING at the house…… mind,  when there is shelter,  any horse I have ever had invariably stands out in the downpour.  Something that instinct dictates I think.   I know people who have spent thousands of dollars building run in sheds,  three sided shelters for horses,  only to experience the very same thing.  Oh well.   So, Thunder was yelling for me,  so I knew I needed to investigate,  so I put back on the wet coat,  slipped into the boots and grabbed the flashlight……only to find he wanted to tell me that the wild horse is doing better.  He allowed the horse to come up and sniff my hand,  and watched him very carefully when Spirit was doing it.  He made it very clear that he was to smell and be kind.   Since Spirit had already doing this in his corral,  he must wonder what Thunder is doing,  just going back to the basics I suppose.   This will be interesting,  they are getting along better as Spirit is learning to respect Thunder.  Good horses !

This morning it is just very soggy outside,  so I am off to check the chicken coop and do the regular chores.

More later perhaps !