Our barn with the mountains in the background

Our barn with the mountains in the background

You know, for what seems like forever we have been getting things in order for my mom to have her back surgery.  I have a working person’s medical background,  I understand most things that have come up so far.  So, when they began asking for a do-over for a blood test.  Ok, then again…….well,  the surgery was put off 10 minutes before ti was supposed to start.  THAT my friends was terrible.  To have mom be on the gurney,  IV in,  both of us nervous and then have the proceedure called off,  well that just plainly sucked.  I am not supposed to say “poor mom” too much, but that was definetly  a day to use that phrase.

Fast forward to more blood tests,  a verbal clearance from the new doctor…..oh yes, once the results of  “one more blood test” come in.  We have had a laugh about her blood going without her to Arizona  then hopping a plane to North Carolina to a lab there.  The doctor had set up a date to do surgery on a Sunday – would have been tomorrow…….and knowing he has a small child we know that is a sacrafice – but he is a cool fellow and really wants to do what he can to help people.   I am sure you can see where this is going………the tests didn’t get back.  So, now we are back to waiting for the results,  and yet another proposed surgery date.  Aghhhhhhhh.  Which brings me back to my original thought,  the unrecognized stresses in our lives.  THAT stuff above is ours,  amongst other things.  However,  I realized last night, as I  crumpled into bed,  that it would be the first night in a long string of nights that I didn’t think   about the surgery being in X amount of days.   I woke this morning with that “huh ? OMG I slept !!!!!!!” feeling.  Much appreciated for sure.

Listening to the weather reports,  we may have a deluge coming.  Goody.  This means I have to get a few things battened down.  I am also going to move a crippled horse we have,  he is wild and he needs to get out of the muddy area he is in.  He won’t be pleased, but it is necessary.

Looks mild outside, it is just cold now, no ice at least.  I guess rain is the price I am going to pay for observing that the ground is drying out beautifully…….as it had been.

Thank heavens I have hay in the barn, and am pretty well prepared.

Enjoy the day everyone !