Our Red chicken....giving me the LOOK

Our Red chicken....giving me the LOOK

In our family,  this “look”, as shown by one of our first chicky ladies – is commonly called “the chicken look”.   This is usually accompanied by a rather walleyed leer from the giver to the recipient.  We usually reserve this for especially odd things,  my son excels in it when he does not believe something I have said to him.  There is a bit of neck craning as well.  All in all, the recipient KNOWS they are toeing the line with regard to whatever is going on………….well, I got it tonight.   My son saw the horses and the panels had “somehow moved ???  Mom ??? SOMEHOW ???”  It is known that I have a broken neck.  C-2 and 3 go the wrong way now.  At times I have nerve issues, especially with my left arm.  I don’t blame my neck,  it just is what it is.  So, as I mentioned in my previous post,  today was moving day for our wild horse.  It involved disassembling his corral in part, I needed 4 panels to span one side of a long run on the other side of the barn.  I was delighted (yes, really !) when I realized that this was not going to have to involve dragging or shoving to get them there.  I eyed the Chevy pickup’s camper shell,   decided it would hold the weight of at least several panels,  and threw an old bedspread on top.  “Walked” a panel over, loaded it……….hey, this is great !  I took it and unloaded it.  I had the phone with camera in my pocket.  Did I think to take a photo ??? Nope……… So I did the same with three others.  I usually avoid over the head work in deference to the neck issue, but not today.  I also try to avoid takingany sort of NASID anti-inflammatory pills, because my blood pressure already is bothersome and the pills jack it up too much.  Anyway,  got the panels moved,  got the horse pointed in the right direction and moved in, and got the water trough filled.  I decided to put out our good horse Thunder with the Spirit horse to let him teach Spirit some manners.  Spirit came from a feedlot with an already fused knee and bent leg.  It was us or the slaughterhouse – of course he was misrepresented as usual, he was supposed to be halter broke (well and an intact colt, but thankfully the testicle issue had already been dealt with, he arrived as a gelding – yeah! )  so got the horses relocated and then had to zoom off to town to feed my friends dogs and horses.  Well, before I left,  as I could already barely move, I gave it a lot of thought and took some ibuprofen.  Tonight I lay down for a while before finishing up chores,  and I can move pretty well now thankfully. 

We saw the neighbors whose huge barn blew down, and she confirmed that they did have owls living in the barn…….she said ” Oh yes, we did, I wonder where they went”  I said “HA !  I know where they are…….I now have them in thehawk nest above our house !!!!!!!  The birds seem to be settling in now, which is good I guess.  They are really majestic if yakky.   Oh well,  I am getting used to it now, and it is immensely better than young hawks screeeeeeetttttttcccccchhhhhhiiiiinnnnnggggg for a couple of weeks.  Guess the owl’s better send a change of address card to the hawks,  as in “Thanks for the nest,  have fun building another one !!”

The weather reports said we were going to get drenched, but it is still a dark starry sky tonight.  It does not feel unsettled at all, and once again perhaps we have dodged the big weather. 

As for the “WOW”,  I am just about reeling that I got the panels moved and those horses installed, and even better they are quiet tonight.  It has been a long time since I worked outside so hard, and it felt good.

Goodnight !