Had an interesting conversation with my son tonight.  He has been having trouble sleeping also, and tonight he asked me “Mom, did you hear those owl’s last night ?”  Haha……yes I did.  He goes on ” they were SCREECHING weren’t they ?”  He said the SCREECHING part very loudly, apparently I would not understand otherwise.  Indeed they were screeching………and to make it better, my son goes on to say (as if I wasn’t hearing them too)  “they were in the tree above my room, then sounded like they were across the street, then they were in Richard’s trees (next door)”  Yes indeedy, they were indeed skreetching, and traveling around to make sure everyone could hear them plainly.  I swear it sounded like they were in the lilac tree outside my bedroom window.  I  was waiting to hear a beaky tap tap tap on my window. Perhaps I should just skip the rest of the preliminary stuff and roll out the welcome mat and invite them in. 

I have been trying to load a couple of photos today, and WordPress does not like me………..it won’t let me do it.  Have to try again tomorrow. 

So,  everyone have a nice night, and don’t worry, if your owl’s have gone missing WE HAVE THEM HERE !  Night !