This isn’t a real winter,  I think anyone would agree.  A couple of weeks ago, in January, it was 50 degrees.  In January.  Today, the grass of the front lawn is greening up,  and the ice that formed last night is still here.  Sheet ice,  lumps of shoveled snow from the weekend, all melting into that lovely mud that is so very trackable.  Onto the boots,  into the mudroom (aptly named, this is it’s season !)  stopped on the rug inside the back door.   Last week it was chicken footprints in the snow.  Today it is chicken footprints in the mud.  None of the animals know what is going on.  At the end of December, our Anatolian Shepherd shed out……again.  Hair everwhere.  Her bed needed to be raked out there was so much hair.  Now she has regrown a coat, and looks more like a Great Pyrenees dog.   My yard squirrel was there today, walking over my feet looking for birdseed or treats.  How many people can open their back door and call “Squirrel !” and have one come ?  I can !  Then the chicky ladies appear,  squirrel grabs any remaining treats and scrams……….the ladies chase him away, so he beats them to it.   There are so many tiny birds here now,  usually we only see sparrows, white crown sparrows,  junkos,  jays and magpies. Oh yes and owls.  Who can forget them ?   The skunks are on the prowl again,   as they are usually in the springtime.  They have no idea what is going on with the weather,  neither do I .   I have been looking at greenhouses that are built then delivered.  Once we get moved, I am going to have one – I love the heritage tomatoes, and I can see them blooming and bearing fruit in one of those greenhouses already !  This was a cool finding

I can’t wait for spring to get here !