As I stand in the doorway of the mudroom overlooking the barn, the stillness is so loud………the stars are so bright they look surreal.  The owls are making sure that the silence is broken frequently.  Thinking of my many interests, my former jobs,  the people I have known…….it seems a different life than mine.  I could pick up and go back to the high tension entertainment field in a heartbeat – or go train racehorses for a living.

But I won’t.

While the silence is a balm to my soul,  my family is why I breathe still.  Family is what keeps things balanced,  if you get along or not.  If you see the same view of the future, or not.  Love dispite all.

It is in the silence that we hear what our hearts want if we listen.  

Life is so fleeting that to sit back,  to not take a chance,  is to lose something intangible.

I value each friend I have,  and look forward to coming to know those who are new to me. 

As I stand there in the doorway,  I remember,  and dream,  and am just truly thankful to be alive.  Thank you to all I call family, and all I call friends.

As I go to sleep tonight,  I hear  the owls calling,  and even they don’t sound lonely tonight.

Thank you for reading – good night