.......then to build a floor beneath it.....

.......then to build a floor beneath it.....

I love this site.  It is http://www.nickelbros.com/    If you go there, click on “sales”  then on “building listings”.   I think it was last year that Susan pointed out a neighbors home being loaded and barged away to another location and  I have been hooked  on the mover’s website ever since.   While our  plan it to put in two new mobile homes , which in today’s world are built better than traditional stick builts…….anyway, put in 2 mobile homes one for me and my kid, and one for mom………this  intrigues me to no end.   Long having been a nut for old houses,  this is just way  too cool.   I love this one above.   It is currently in “inventory” for Nickel brothers Victoria/San Juan Islands.   It is listed for the sum of $ 60.000 Canadian funds.  Only the top floor will be moved.  Ah, my caption should read  “build a FIRST floor below”.  This way,  a person could build  perhaps a daylight basement with a first floor, then put this cool old house on top !   I absolutely love the kitchen……..and then to see the fireplace in this little nook of a room………well, it has me written all over it. 


Stone fireplace 🙂

Especially since when doing the move,  upon reassembly, all the old wiring can be upgraded as well as the plumbing.  While I love old homes,  the old farmhouse I live in is………well,  old.   I do know that when a home is moved, they have to take down the chimney…….and while it would be much preferred to leave that stone fireplace alone, it might have to be removed as well.   Would depend on a lot of things, weight being one of them.  I also love the short half hour show airing on our cable  that is called “Haulin’ House” ……love it,  just wish they would show the end result.  They stop filming once the home is on the land safely.   I am bad though, I know that there are “outake reels”  of the homes who DON’T get to their new lot safely………sorry !  The mechanics of it facinates me.

Well, back outside to find kindling before it is covered up with that white stuff……….stay warm all !