Our day yesterday happily culminated in mom being cleared for surgery.  Whooohooo !  Long day,  got home late, and today it is snowing.  Seriously snowing.  Yuck.  We plan a trip in to town today for a couple of errands and to get a few supplies.   I have to do a lot at home.  Yesterday before we left,  I answered an ad on Craigs List for a white finch.  It turned out that the finch was residing only perhaps 10 minutes from our last stop, and in the right direction (going towards home).  “His” cage mate had passed, and the gal was getting out of having birds.  So, we brought “him” home and since her house was spotless, and her other two types of birds were in obvious good health, I decided to forego the usual quarantine……and just let the new bird in with Finch.  Imagine our surpriseto find that this new finch was not a him but really a her !  Finch is thrilled, and they are chatting with each other as only finches can do.  Last night I checked on them, and they were sitting together like an old married couple.  What a rewarding thing.  They are apparently discussing the cage, and if she wants to redecorate.  I love these tiny creatures, and I am very glad that Finch has a Mrs.Finch now.

Happy Friday the 13th !  This has always been a lucky great date for me. 

Enjoy !