Yep, snow again.  Not surprising, but not welcomed either on my part.  My son loves it, and while I agree, it is beautiful –  I am just done with winter weather for now.  We have far too many things going on to have to make more allowances !  There, end of rant. 

The owls were in fine pitch last night, whooting until I finally fell asleep.  Kona the wild white cat went over to mom’s yesterday early.  I think she was looking to see where I go.  That she can walk that far is amazing – when she was so hurt,  her left hind leg was damaged badly.  Usually she just touches down with it, but a lot of the time she has been known to carry it……..poor girl.   I have high hopes of being able to handle her sometime.  She walks under my feet when I am going out to feed her at times, then others she runs like I am going to get her.   I am going to have to trap her to get her spade,  I hate traumatizing cats that way but it is necessary. 

Snow flying 2007

Snow flying 2007

The photo above is from 2007, and we had a little more snow on the ground then…….but you get the gist of what it looks like here.  That photo was taken out of my son’s room looking to the county road and home across the road.  Those are very cold lilac trees on the left……..

Have to run and get critters fed, off to get some hay and by then I hope we should know if we have a reason to get to the doc in Reno for mom. 

Have a good day !