At times when our bodies betray us, it is sometimes difficult to get through the day.  I have a myriad of things “wrong” with me……..a 21 year old broken neck, rheumatoid arthritis,  a lot of normal (for me) aches and pains.  My mom’s back problems are hard to watch, and recently I have become even more aware of how hard things can be……..such as walking.  I had a CT scan of my neck done yesterday am (just to see what changes may or may not be occurring) , and apparently as I lay there on the plastic bed – knowing that I was not lying straight, nor correctly……I pinched something again.  So, once again, walking became REALLY bad…….and it effectively wrecked the remainder of my day.  I was suddenly aware that the “leg thing” was going on when I was finishing chores.  So, instead of trying  work through it, which I tried once before (it didn’t work) I went inside and laid down.  It eased a bit (or not) and I went back outside to put some things away.  It had begun to snow.  Nothing like having trouble walking in the snow.  Agh.  Finished outside, went in and laid back down for an hour.  Got up.  Still totally wrecked…..ate dinner.  Laid back down.  Got up, tried to think to answer some emails.  Nope, brain gone.  Back to bed, slept with wacko dreams, and woke up and walked around just fine.  Nerves are so complicated.  There is such a thing as “muscle memory”, so I am beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as “nerve memory” ?  Would not surprise me.  All I know is I am bound and determined to get through this day and onwards.  So many people are worse off……..losing their lives or their homes in wildfires……….accidents…………disease………such a long list.  That is why I know that no matter what is going on,  I can do my best to enjoy each day I have.

Stay warm everyone !