what else would one do aside from try a different theme on this blog ?  Any comments ? Suggestions ?  The type may not be large enough or dark enough……there are many different themes I can try, so bear with me as I find one which will really fit.  I haven’t had much time to write this weekend, I have been on the run for the last two days, and my brain is just done in.  Drove to Reno today for a horse tack sale to benefit the 4-H groups in the area.  Came home with three pretty good blankets and only paid $ 5.00 for all three !  Plus a free pair of pants, and a wonderful leather turnout halter.  My friend went with me, and treated me to a nice lunch at Claim Jumpers.  I had never been inside, and it was quite enjoyable.  I told her as we drove home that I felt like I had been on vacation for a day………it was very nice.

Hope you have had a nice weekend, it is raining, turning to snow tonight.  I guess winter has not really given up yet………..