Some friends of mine asked me to fill out a questionnaire about the status of breeding and disposition of Thoroughbred racehorses upon completion of their careers.   The last time they had one of these, the television show Animal Planet came calling to their horse rescue and they did a segment on horse rescue and adoption.  I hope this helps draw more attention to this problem of too many Thoroughbreds.  There were 30 questions and since I have been involved with racing on one level or another since 1971, I have had a lot of time to form opinions.  In a nutshell, too many horses bred each year, defective horses have polluted the entire gene pool and there isn’t enough done by the tracks and owners to rehab, retire or retrain the ones done racing.  While it is illegal to slaughter horses for human consumption in the US, they are being shipped over the borders to Mexico and Canada to huge plants for shipment overseas for the foreign markets. Yuck. 

Today, the wild white cat Kona is zooming around in the yard.  She is a wonder to me, she was dumped here last year with another cat, who I had named Hawaii.  She was hurt badly by a dog or coyote before she got here , and is a little white cat – who had ugly looking new scars on her body when I saw her for the first time.  She healed, and while wild still does consent to me feeding her.  This photo I took when she had been here for several months.  Her poor ears are oddly rounded. She has one blue eye and one green eye and in true cat fashion is totally distainful of anything she does not approve of. 

Kona - winter 2008

Kona - winter 2008

It is time to get to chores,  more later perhaps !

Enjoy the day !