Our house is surrounded by very large trees, who could all use some proactive trimming.  It lends character to the farmstead.  It gives me the willies every time the wind blows – especially ever since the tree branch incident some time ago.  They do look cool in the evenings, especially in this weird not really a winter February dusk light.  I missed a prime photo op the other day, but I had a good reason.  While finishing chores late one day, I heard the great horned owl pair start calling to each other in the trees.  Now it seems each year in the spring, they perch above our neighbors house in his trees and yak at each other – a LOT.  Hoot hoot hoot in the evening until the early morning it seems.  They are busy birds these owls.  So, in finishing up my chores,  I head to the house, and the owls are so loud, I looked for them again.  Ah ha. They are now in our trees.  Hoot hoot hoothoot hoot.  Good heavens.  So,  what to do, well, since I mimic most anything,  I hoot back.  The owls look.  They stop hooting.  Ah.  Hoot hoot.  Nope.  So, I happily hoot back for several minutes……….the owls are now thinking “what to do, what IS that ?”  One flies over the backyard, and over me, swooping down low.  If an owl could look disgusted, he did.  Haha.  It has not stopped me from hooting at them, however I do break into uncontrollable laughter when they start looking my way.  They do worry me, but they have not taken my wild white cat (and hopefully won’t ever) but she looks to the trees each time she comes to our house.   The sky had been that odd shade of tan/purple that comes with dusk at times, and with the trees reaching their spindly clawlike branches to the sky, they would have made a great photo.  Especially since when I was hooting with the owls, the new moon was peaking out from behind it.  One owl was silhouetted,  and then flew off.  I should have been thinking of visual effect vs vocals, would have made a fabulous photo.  Oh well.  I have fun with the birds anyways.  They had been eying our hawk nest in the tree above my son’s room.  They fly over, get in and do whatever owls do.  The nest is popular, as we do have a pair of Canada geese who fly in and have landed in the nest.  Which is an interesting thing to watch.  We can hear them coming, honk honk honk – then as they get close honk hoNK HONK ……and try and stop forward flying to land on a dime so to speak.  They do manage it at times, it is quite entertaining.  I will upload a photo of an interesting thing a goose did one spring a bit later on, have to go do chores and go to town.  Check back later if you like geese !