Today seems like it will be “normal”, or whatever that might be in our world.  Monday was a head spinner with mom’s surgery postponement.  I think we have gotten past the shock of not having mom’s surgery happen that day.  So, onward we go.  I am behind in answering emails and hope to get that done by nightfall.  Yesterday I went to town solo,  which is a very rare occurance  here.  Being 13 miles from town,  especially when gas prices hit $4.89 a gallon inspires one to travel in pairs.  Especially when ones mode of transportation is a late 90’s Chevy pickup.  With mom at loose ends, I decided that I would do what I was going to anyways.  I bought her a bouquet of flowers, and a Real Simple magazine.  Just like I had planned to bring her in the hospital.  She was happy, and that made my day.  Nice things are so easy to do,  a kind word,  remembering to bring a treat to someone who goes out of their way for you…………yesterday was a day of pay it forwards for me.  I know it helped ME get into the forward thinking pattern again too.

Today is going to be a day of chores (I hear Buttercup the miniature sheep announcing that I am late with breakfast as I type),  a trip to town,  chores and dinner with mom.  So, along with some special requests from my son, that should round out the waking hours nicely. 


The view from HERE 🙂

 That is looking to the mountains from the outside mom’s house.

As I leave you for the day, here is a wonderful YouTube video.  I have no idea how they shot it, but it is worth it.  Wonderful music too.

Have a great day everyone !