Mom and I came home from picking up some hay Saturday afternoon.  We rounded the turn coming home and my heart stopped.  There were cars stopped in front of our place.  Two horses standing in the road.   Now, this is a hotly driven county road.  When we moved in, there was a speed limit sign literally at the edge of my driveway stating “55 mph”.  So,  it goes without saying that people do not EVER stop on this road.  Unless  something bad is  happening.  So, we joined a short line of cars, and as I jumped out to see if I could help – as I am approaching, my brain kept telling me “It’s OK, it’s not your horses”…….  To the city dweller, or the non-equine oriented, you may say ” and………so there were two horses.  The point is ???”  The point was that I was seeing two horses on the road, while neither of them were the colors of my horses, my heart was in triple overdrive.  Finally I am able to see what is going on……..two loose horses, had already been contained by passers by and our neighbors thank heavens – in good shape.    My mustang mare was in her pasture looking over at them mildly interested.  Likely thinking “duh, you blew your chance guys”…………. The horses came from across a major highway to the county road, hopefully they went through the deer underpass.  At least the owner was right there, and the horses were led to safety and shortly loaded into their trailer and taken home.  My worst nightmare is this road, and I will be so SO happy when we don’t have to worry about it any longer.  I have stopped and moved bodies,  once we stopped and moved a cat that I turned out to be  our neighbors.  It was on the center line,  and I stopped and carefully moved it to the side of the road in a blanket.  When I went to move the truck out of the way, my son called to me “the blanket is moving !!!”  Indeed, the cat wobbled out and went home.  Our neighbor told me that it was wobbly for a few days, but he still has it today.  That people is why I am one of those weird people who stop for things in the road.  I have saved birds, cats, kittens, horses and hopefully gave a last bit of peace to searching people who find their animal at the side of the road.  I personally would rather know what happened then to lose one and never know.  Been there before, it it is better to know. 

More good weather on the way, we will have a terrible drought, but hey, winter so far has been heavenly !