A couple I know sing at various functions in the area.  A few days ago, the fellow gave me a flier for a place they were playing last night.  My son and I had dinner with mom, then off we went to town.  We don’t usually go anywhere after dark – not concerned with vampires, just deer.  After having one hit the truck last year,  it makes me think twice about driving after dark.  When said deer and I collided (with mom in the truck  of COURSE !) I never saw it until it was too late.  I drive cautiously,  I used my deadly Chevy pickup high-beams, and I still got it.  So, since then, I pretty much make sure we don’t have to go anywhere once the sun sets.  It’s not like there are things to do in town at night either…….unless you can’t live without something from WalMart.  I am not afraid of driving after dark,  it is just better not to temp the fates.  So last night we got to town after being passed by 9 emergency vehicles on their way to help somewhere……..and had an interesting hour.  My friends sang, they had open microphone time – and that was fun.  One local fellow who stepped up to play is a checker at the grocery store I shop at.  In the store, he is quiet, and there he played his electric guitar and sang “Mustang Sally” and he did quite well.  He faded out the back door before I could tell him how good we thought it was.  Guess the accolades will wait until next week.  The occasion for this music was the grand opening for the new coffee house, and when we left there were perhaps 15 people in attendance.  Small town life you know, but it was quite enjoyable.100_1657.

                                                           Lunar Eclipse