If I simply look outside, it could well be spring.  Bright colors, brilliant sky. No clouds.  Unless I look up at the mountain, and uh……oh yeah, it IS winter.  Oh well, can’t hurt to wish.  Mom and I are off to town to get a pre-op blood test for her.  Tonight a local fellow and his wife are singing at a new coffee house and he asked if we could come, so we will.  We have two Starbucks, and one independent coffee house now.  Wow, big times in the small town.  After living here for 6 1/2 years, I have finally come to realize there is such a thing as too small a town.  Since 1991 the closest I have lived to a Trader Joes organic market is about 70 miles.  Once we do finally move, there is one about 25 miles away and three or four perhaps  across the sound on the ferry.  How I look forward to that !!!!!