If it breathes, then for sure one day it will stop. Maybe with warning, in the case of a lengthy illness. Maybe a call out of the blue and someone special is   gone.  Poof.  Gone forever.  I have had it happen both ways, with people, with favorite animals.  It sucks either way, and as I have gotten older, I doubt one way is “easier” or more difficult than the other.  At times we see the flash of death waiting around the corner, and we duck it. We look the other way.  We cry. Scream.  Shout “no it isn’t time, isn’t fair”.   But in the end, what we have it what we make of it.  Today I got a call from an acquaintance,  her daughters miniature horse was in a bad way.  Sounded to me like impaction colic, and my mom and I jetted over there while the gal drove to pick up her teenage daughter who owns the little mare.  I was glad to see the mare upright when we got there,  but she was showing the signs I have come to dread…….in pain, shifting about, wanting to roll, no gut sounds………no fresh manure pile.  Not good.  Not good at all…… this terribly cold weather is very hard on horses,  if it gets so the water is so cold it is freezing,  some just decide not to drink.  There are a number of them who don’t eat then either, which avoids the whole impaction problem.  But there are those who DO eat, and they end up on the other end of a nasogastric tube, receiving warm water, electrolytes and mineral oil.  I hope this little mare pulls through, she is young, and while not in excellent shape, she should have a chance.  The owner did call the vet I referred her to, and met him at a local ranch, so the mare was treated.  As life goes, the call came before I was done this morning with chores – upon returning home, I went back to eat a bite before continuing, and then my mom called that her ancient cat was having a problem.  Frances will soon be 17, and has flirted with stroke type problems in the last year or so.  Today was another sign that things will likely change, sooner than we would like I think.  She has been a great companion, and tonight she is resting comfortably.  I only hope that she passes in her sleep when the time comes.  We never know when the fabric of our lives will tear and we will have to make a permanent change in the lineup.  It just makes me more secure in the happiness I feel each day, that I am lucky to be alive, and will enjoy every single day.  Yes, times are tough,  but if one focuses on the here and now, it is a great ride – no matter what is lurking around the corner.

It’s already wayyyy below freezing, and I have the fire stoked up, and my electric blanket warming my bed. 

Final check of the critters, and I am done for the day.

Goodnight !