It tried to snow enough to cover the ground last night.   There were still flakes falling when I got up this morning.  So, now it is above freezing, and there is mud, with snow on top, cheerfully obscuring the slick spots. Makes one want to stay inside and write.  But the horses would protest, so off I go.  When the weather reports indicate rain, or snow, I don’t pay much attention any longer.  I stick to the obvious.  If I go look out the window and it is wet, wallah ! Rain ! If it is white, ok, it did manage to  snow !  I do watch the temps so I know how to dress, and if it is below 15 degrees, I know I can put on a sweatshirt and my wool lined waterproof jacket. That about covers everything.   My tall Itasca boots are wearing out, now I get to sheath my feet in WalMart bags before inserting into boot. I keep thinking I will remember to buy some of that shoe repair goop, but that seems to fall off the list to make room for those items  of immediate need.  These boots have steel shanks and they are the best boots I have worn bar none.  Imagine my feelings when I discovered that good old Itasca decided to discontinue this boot ! OMG… what ? I do have one other pair, but I am reserving it until the current pair fall completely apart, at least that is the plan now.  These boots are all black, and have gone the gamut from digging in the garden, cleaning corrals, feeding daily, and when the ground is iffy – saving my already broken neck a number of times due to the tractor like tread on their soles. Itasca does put out other high boots, but I have neither the wish or the stomach to wear green mustard shiny boots, or camouflage boots.  I am one of the people who find it hilarious to see the photoshopped photo of a hunter strapped to the roof of a station wagon, with a deer driving home.  Living in a prime hunters paradise, it is a constant reminder that people kill things………..a lot.  I seem to see too much, everywhere, and it never leaves my brain.   At certain times of the year I see dead geese in some yahoos pickup truck, or a likely untagged buck stuffed into the back seat of someone elses economy car.   Wonder no longer where those road killed deer go – into the freezer of course !!!  Ick and eeeeewwwww. Ok, end of rant.

Our dinner last night was very nice, the cake went over very well. As oftentimes happens, I got out the aforementioned Better Homes cookbook, and proceeded to make up my own recipe (again).   However this time I managed to write it down, which was a good thing, as my son told me I needed to make this “new” cake a lot.  Glad it worked out. I am not quite trained enough to have remembered to take a photo, but I am trying. 

Hope you are all well and warm at home this odd Sunday !  I am off to look for my aluminum scoop shovel to relieve the addition to my chicken coop of water before it decides to start dripping into the coop……..