Today I say Happy Birthday to my mom.  While my son and I join her for dinner every Saturday night, this night is for her birthday dinner.  Once I get done with chores, I am making a “from scratch” chocolate cake  with chocolate icing.  Actually, I don’t do anything not from scratch.  One of my many passions are vintage cookbooks and recipes.  I have used my trusty Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, circa 1953 since I was a teenager.  However, in the zest for getting things packed to move, I somehow have lost it.   So, what do we do when we really need something that can’t be found locally ?  Ebay of course.  I did find a very similar edition for a reasonable price in excellent condition. so now it is living here with me.  I will be happy to see my original cookbook, but I am no longer desperate for it.  So, we will have our dinner and no doubt admire the newest addition to the family – Lucy the kitten.    It is wonderful to see mom smile, we do a lot of laughing.  Both of us being caregivers and then losing our husbands has made us closer and has definitely made us appreciate life in the here and now.   Things might not be what we have been hoping for, but we have our family, and enjoy each day to the fullest. Happy Birthday Mom, I look forward to celebrating many more with you !