Winter is making a play to catch up with us again.  The ground has thawed where the old snow and ice had resided the last few weeks and now we have mush……….everywhere. Anyone who has been to our place knows that I rely heavily on my lovely 2 wheeled feed cart.  It makes it possible for me to do what I do here. The ground  is so soft the cart is sinking and is getting rough to push……….if it will freeze at least I can use my sled to feed the horses.  Today it was foggy and this afternoon we got rain, which we really haven’t seen much of lately.  I don’t mind weather, I just adjust what I do or how I feed to accommodate it.  At least we don’t have hurricanes or floods here, but we do have horrible winds at times.  Some weeks ago I was awakened to what sounded like a VW hitting the roof, huge BOOM and then a scraping sliding noise. I got up and into outdoor gear, and looked up on the driveway (lilac) side of the house roof – nothing. So, off I go behind the house, the wind whipping past, and I could actually hear the trees creak, about that time I thought ” really dumb Pam, why are you OUTSIDE ???” and I cast the beam of the flashlight on the roof facing our neighbors………..and there is a big limb on the roof, which falls off as I watch. Hmm.   Not good. I make it to the front of the house  and see the rest of the huge limb in front of the house below the windows…….and shine the light on the corner window, and it is broken.  As I am thinking “great,  can I call the neighbors to help me board this up ”  did I mention it was 2:30 am ? Then I realize I had already been in the living room before I went outside, and ………..there was no wind in there.  Hmm again, need coffee or something.  The wind was hitting the front of the house. I made it back inside to realize that the old house we live in, while most of it is in need of attention, someone down the line had replaced the windows with dual panes.  After cleaning up the broken glass, I have come to the conclusion that a car could hit these windows and they would remain intact. The limb that did hit the house was perhaps a foot across in diameter and very heavy. We were lucky that more damage was not done. 

As for other things happening, mom gets her back surgery soon, a much less invasive procedure than we were originally thought thanks to new x-rays,  so we were very happy.  We got her an early birthday present today, picked out last week at our local animal shelter and brought home today.  She is an 8 week old orange tabby longhair kitten with a slight Persian look to her. It was love at first sight for both of them, the kitten is now named “Lucy Michelle” and settled in happily at Mom’s. We have 7 acres and my son and I live in the old farmhouse, mom has a newer mobile home.  It is wonderful to be close by. I meet a lot of people who have lost their parents, and I cherish every day with my mom.  We are both widows now, and my son is so grown up, at 17 1/2 he is just amazing. Every day is a present in my world, and I am  glad to be able to share a little bit here.  I can’t decide if this is like having a public diary, or just a neat way to share everyday things with friends and family far away. Whatever it is, I like it.