Not normal fog, just the type that hangs in the air obscuring things.  I can see the brilliant blue sky above, but this makes me recall the hard winter we had 4 years ago.  Lots of snow on the ground, and then this horrid fog appeared each morning…. for WEEKS !!!!  I am not normally bothered by weather, but that was a very depressing winter. The birds don’t notice apparently, it is about 20 degrees and all the house sparrows are outside on the feeders. Hmm. At least I didn’t misplace the gold Americauna chicken last night. Much to her dismay I chased her into the heated coop.  I had mis-counted the night before and when I let them outside yesterday, there was only 3 Americaunas and Tweety.  Well, today is a town day, so have to go feed the masses and prepare.  Have a good day everyone !